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Game NameSystem
R-Type 3GameBoy Advance
R-Type 3 : The Third LightningGameBoy Advance
R-Type IIIGameBoy Advance
Racing Gears AdvanceGameBoy Advance
Rainbow Six : Rogue SpearGameBoy Advance
Rampage Puzzle AttackGameBoy Advance
RatatouilleGameBoy Advance
Rave Master : Special Attack ForceGameBoy Advance
Rayman 3 : Hoodlum HavocGameBoy Advance
Rayman : Hoodlums' RevengeGameBoy Advance
Rayman AdvanceGameBoy Advance
Razor Freestyle ScooterGameBoy Advance
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Round 2GameBoy Advance
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2GameBoy Advance
Rebelstar : Tactical CommandGameBoy Advance
Reign of FireGameBoy Advance
Rescue Heroes : Battle BlazeGameBoy Advance
Revenge of ShinobiGameBoy Advance
Revenge of Shinobi, TheGameBoy Advance
Revenge Of The SmurfsGameBoy Advance
Rhythm TengokuGameBoy Advance
Ripping FriendsGameBoy Advance
Risk / Battleship / ClueGameBoy Advance
River City RansomGameBoy Advance
River City Ransom EXGameBoy Advance
Riviera : The Promised LandGameBoy Advance
Road Rash JailbreakGameBoy Advance
Road Trip : Shifting GearsGameBoy Advance
Robopon 2: Cross VersionGameBoy Advance
Robopon 2: Ring VersionGameBoy Advance
Robot WarsGameBoy Advance
Robot Wars Advance DestructionGameBoy Advance
Robot Wars: Extreme DestructionGameBoy Advance
Robotech : The Macross SagaGameBoy Advance
Robotech The Macross SagaGameBoy Advance
RobotsGameBoy Advance
Rock 'Em Sock 'Em RobotsGameBoy Advance
Rock 'N Roll RacingGameBoy Advance
Rock 'n' Roll RacingGameBoy Advance
Rocket Power : Beach BanditsGameBoy Advance
Rocket Power : Zero Gravity ZoneGameBoy Advance
Rocket Power Beach BanditsGameBoy Advance
Rocket Power: Dream SchemeGameBoy Advance
Rockman EXE 4.5 Real OperationGameBoy Advance
Rockman ZeroGameBoy Advance
Rockman Zero 2GameBoy Advance
Rockman Zero 3GameBoy Advance
RockyGameBoy Advance
Rugrats : I Gotta Go PartyGameBoy Advance
Rugrats Go WildGameBoy Advance
Rugrats: Castle CapersGameBoy Advance
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